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Wonderful Country, Great Valleys, Outstanding Wines...

The great Central Valley, integrated by the Curicó, Maule and Colchagua Valleys, have a mild Mediterranean type climate and varied soils offer superb conditions for growing numerous varieties of grapes. The narrow Central Valley is located in a privileged geography between the snow-capped Andes Mountain and the cold coastal currents of the South Pacific Ocean.

CURICO VALLEY, Sagrada Familia Estate

Our vineyards in Curicó are located in the watershed of Lontué river, a prestigious place with recognized wines, this vineyards is 80 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean and 60 kilometers from the Andes Mountain. The day-night temperature fluctuation has a positive effect on the development and maturation of aromas and polyphenols in our grapes. This estate has more than 300 hectares of vines planted with the followings grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Merlot, Syrah, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

MAULE VALLEY, Yerbas Buenas Estate

Located in the eastern part of the Maule Valley, our vineyards are closer to the Andes Mountain, the climate is cooler and rainier in the winter and summers are less intense. The rocky alluvial soils are relatively shallow, composed of loam and clay. These conditions enable to craft excellent and aromatic white wines as well as red wines moderate alcohol content and exceptional intensity. This estate has nearly 100 hectares of vines planted with the followings grapes: Merlot, Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and others.


Our vineyards in the Colchagua Valley have warm summers with breezes coming from the coast in the afternoon. Winters are cold with annual rainfall of 450 mm which give very healthy grape. The ground is gravel with a deep stony layer. This estate has 45 hectares of vines with the followings grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.


A great team of people

Our winery is located 220 kms south from Santiago, in the beautiful town of Sagrada Familia, in the heart of Curicó Valley. The modern and efficient wine cellar, with a capacity of vinification of 13 million liters per year, which includes a latest technology laboratory, an amazing barrels cellar with more that 3.500 american and french oak barrels and a bottling plant, recently renovated in 2013 with 3 automatic lines, all the process from de vineyards until the packaging is under HACCP quality certification. Most important, a great team of people, winemakers, vintners, technicians and engineers led by our French enologist Sébastien Cabaret.


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The traditional Casa Verdi wines come from the heart of Chile, which together with our passion, quality commitment, family tradition and constantly seeking to maximize the expression of our terroir, gives an unique wines, with character and personality.

The Casa Verdi wide range of wines is led to satisfy our different customer segments in the world; those who prefer Family Reserve and Icon ranges with uniques, sophisticated and complex wines with French notes; those who prefer Grand Reserve ranges with great-bodied, wood and character wines, those who prefer Reserve ranges with the perfect balance between fruit and different level of oak wood and finally those who prefer Varietal range with pure grapes, no oak and fresh tastes.


No Oak

Our Casa Verdi Winemaker Series wines offer the one of the best price-quality ratio that Chile can produce, showing the best and purest expression of each of its 13 varieties. Hand harvested in the Central Valley, the winemakers team cares to produce wines fresh, fruity, young wines, unoaked and ready to be enjoyed immediately.



3 Month in Oak

Our Casa Verdi Winemaker Reserve wines, reflect our philosophy of perfecting the art of wine blends, offering a gamut of exceptional flavors and aromas from the Curicó and Maule Valleys, hand harvested and aged with American oak staves for 3 months.



6 Month in Oak Barrel

Wine produced in honor of the vineyard founder Aniceto Verdi. His initiative, traditions and teaching have prevailed through family generations. Our Casa Verdi Aniceto Reserve are wines of tradition, produced in the Curicó and Maule valleys from decades ago. Our team in the estate, harvest and select by hand the grapes for this wines, which after vinification are aged in french and american oak barrels for 6 months on average.



9 Month in Oak Barrel

Our Casa Verdi Aniceto Special Reserve wines are from the same vineyards of reserve range but over the years, some quarters have begun to highlight and our winemaking team selected to enhance and give greater emphasis in vinification and subsequent aging in French and American oak barrels during 9 months, highlighting a high complexity and the best expression of terroir of our valleys.



8 Month in Oak Barrel

In 2014, we discovered 2 small vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère located in the soft hills of the Sagrada Familia estate in the Curicó Valley. From these special vineyards we obtained wines extremely deep, full bodied and with a character that highlight over the others vines. One year later our enology team made the first tests, blending these handpicked grapes and aging for 8 months in mainly French and american wine barrels.

The result is the wine Casa Verdi Aniceto Limited Edition Reserve with a very limited production of 9.000 bottles. This wine has a dark red purple color, intense nose of plums, cherries, vanilla and caramel. In palate, full bodied structure, also hints of cherry and coffee at the finish.



12 Month in Oak Barrel

Our Casa Verdi Ultra Grand Reserve wines are produced with carefully selected grapes grown on the hillsides of Curicó Valley, in the watershed of Lontué river, ensuring slow ripening of the grape in a unique microclimate which produces outstanding intense wines. Later carefully aged in french and american oak for 12 months.



18 Month in Oak Barrel

Our Casa Verdi Doscientos Family Reserve range was launched in 2010 to commemorate the two hundred years since Chile ́s declaration of independence in 1810. It is a unique and exceptional wine from the oldest vineyards in the estate, aged for 18 months in new french and american oak barrels. At this range we produce 2 red wines, an outstanding blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Mourvèdre, and an unusual but extraordinary 100% Petit Verdot.



24 Month in Oak Barrel

This dreamed red wine was achieved after years of work, with patience, experience and great skill of a group of people, who with passion and love, left their hearts in every bottle. Our wonderful wine Casa Verdi DCC Icon is a limited edition wine produced from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Harvested and processed manually from the best grapes from our hillside vineyards in the Sagrada Familia estate. It was carefully aged in for 700 days in new French oak barrels and each harvest has a limited production of only 850 cases.


A strategic flexibility for our customers.


Since 2006, Agroverdi Wines create the brands program of Verdi Family in order to offer our customers a wide range of strong alternative brands, preserving the quality and ranges of our wines. The main objective of the brands program of Verdi Family is to provide a strategic flexibility to meet the different channels of distribution of our customers.


Viña Casa Verdi was founded in 1918 by the Italian don Aniceto Verdi, soon after his arrival in Chile from Italy. His main aim was to cultivate the rich Chilean land and he chose the Central Valley because of its excellent soil, climate and people. The legacy and seeds sown by don Aniceto all those years have led successive generations to develop and establish a first class winery, making high quality wines with innovative types and varieties of grapes.



In the winery, know wait the right time and the maturity of the grapes before harvest, is the essence in the production of Mature wines. Picked by hand, these have a double selection of grains before milling, which ensures a high quality product, ready to be kept in barrels of American and French oak until reaching the perfect moment to be bottled.



The farmers say that if you see a Bandurria bird it is a good sign and it will be a good day. The Bandurria wines of the Curicó Valley are companions in happy moments, shared experiences and unforgettable celebrations. The spirit of these wines is to deliver the quality of Chilean wines in each glass. So, if you see a bottles of Bandurria wines, sure it will be a good day.



The wines República del Vino are inspired by Chile, a country that for centuries has produced outstanding wines. Their first vines were introduced in the mid-sixteenth century by the Spanish conquerors Francisco de Aguirre and Pedro de Cisternas. Today, after almost five centuries, Chile is the Republic of Wine, a name earned by hard work of their people, quality in their process and prestige of our wines around the world.



The Condor is the largest bird in the world capable to flight. Its long wings allow it to fly at higher altitudes, hovering in the icy mountain air of the Andes and next to Chilean Pacific Ocean coasts. The Kondor wines from the Curicó valley, represent the same values and character of the Condor bird. These were harvested manually on the slopes that receive the cold air of the mountains and the shelter of the valley, with very high quality standards to fly high as the Condor.



Our Casa Franco Wines, established in 2008, distinguishes itself for care of the environment in all the processes of harvesting and grape production in the Curicó and Maule valleys. With exceptional wines, it produces fresh and fruity varietal wines, complex reserves wines aged in American and French barrels, and powerful iconic wines with the best vineyards of the winery aged for up to 24 months.



The ChileanTAG wines are produced to fit each individual consumer taste. These wines produced in the Curicó and Maule valleys, are harvested manually with second selection in the winery to finish with a aged in American and French oak barrels. After tasting the ChileanTAG wines, you will remember which is your favorite wine, aroma, flavor and texture that fits your taste to perfection. Have you found your preferred label?



Our Kingfull Wines are made from vineyards with its unique character. From the fresh and fruity varietal wines to the elegant icon carefully hand harvested and aged 24 months in new oak barrels , passing by soft reserve wines aged during 3 months, reserve wines aged 6 months in oak barrels, grand reserve wines aged during 12 months in oak barrels with a unique body and character, and family reserve wines sophisticated and complex wine agreed 18 months in oak barrel.



The Emowi wines are unique, so fresh, enough young, good fruity, very attractive, wonderfull color but above all gives EMOTIONS. Each variety is a characteristic emotion of it grape, each variety gives something of Chile.

The Emowi wines are produced and bottled in Chile in the Viña Casa Verdi, in the heart of Curico Valley, a place known for its wonderful valleys warm in day and cool at night, allowing an ideal growth for each of these grapes, all produced on our property.

We invite you to get excited with Emowi, let´s discover your emotion in its 12 varieties available: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Merlot, Syrah, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sweet Muscat, Rosé Cabernet and our blend Syrah & Cabernet Sauvignon.